How to Make a Website with WordPress: Step by Step

With WordPress, you can build a professional website in approximately 1 hour without any coding background! In this video, we will showcase how to build a website with NO steps skipped.

This is our final product:

You can download the WordPress theme from this link:

In particular, we showcase how to create a Booking Page with the Booking Calendar Plugin. With this plugin, you can create a page that offers booking service for your visitor. This feature will become extremely handy for hotel, plumbers, and other service-oriented business websites that require advanced appointment bookings. You can download the plugin from this link:
Booking Calendar –

We’ve also created a Contact Us page using this plugin:

To install WordPress to your website, you’ll need a web hosting plan that supports PHP and MySQL. Please visit our web hosting plan for full details:

Our Unlimited Hosting plan is only at $3.98/month. Domain name included! This promotional price is only for new sign up. 1st Year Only!


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