5 Contact Form Plugins for WordPress

You’re in demand and people want to reach you. Adding a contact form on your website provides a simple way for your adoring visitors to get in touch with you.


Why Add a Contact Form?

While it is tempting to simply list a contact number on your website, if your visitors want to get in touch with you after business hours, you’re faced with a problem. Providing an email seems like a solution, but visitors often find that filling out a ready-made contact form seems to take less effort than sending an email. Make things easier for your friendly visitors and provide a handy-dandy contact form for their convenience.

Here are some of the most popular contact form plugins to check out:


Jetpack is a plugin by Automattic which features many “modules” with different features, such as site stats, social comments, and much more. If you have it installed, you can activate the Jetpack Contact module which will prompt you to create a very simple yet powerful form for your site. As a bonus, enabling Akismet will protect against spam.

Custom Contact Forms

Intuitive to use, Custom Contact Forms – as its name implies- is quite customizable. With a mostly drag and drop userface, beginners should be able to create contact forms with ease. CAPTCHA is easily added to ensure that only humans can submit a form.


Ninja has an intuitive drag and drop interface that makes it quite easy to build your forms. Ninja also allows developers to make their own custom functionality. While the plugin itself is free, you need to pay for the extensions for added functionality. These paid add-ons are quite powerful so it might be worth your while to take a look.

Fast Secure Contact Form

As the name implies- Fast Secure Contact Form puts its energy into keeping your form secure. It supports CAPTCHA and has built in Akismet.

Contact Form 7

While one of the most popular free contact form plugins for WordPress, Contact Form 7 can be a little difficult for beginners to use, due to its non-intuitive interface and limited support. There are many third-party add-ons that are compatible with this plugin, but users do have to dig around the web to find them.

Give one of these contact form plugins a try and tell us your thoughts!

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