Free WordPress Plugin: WassUp Real Time Stat


This plugin is an alternative of Google Analytics. With this plugin you can see a full stats traffic report on the WordPress dashboard and even the real-time visitor activity.

WassUp comes with 4 admin submenus for viewing your visitors’ activities and for customizing those views

  • There is a fancy “Visitors Details” view with search capability, view filters, plus a chart and top ten summary, that allows you to see almost everything about your visitors and what they do on your site.
  • There is an ajax “Spy” view (like Digg Spy) that lets you monitor and geolocate your visitors, live.
  • There is a “Current Visitors Online” view that shows a summary of your online visitors in real-time.
  • There is an “Options” view with lots of customizable settings for WassUp.

WassUp gives a chronology of your site’s visits with a lot of information for each single user session:

  • ip / hostname
  • referrer
  • spider
  • search engines used
  • keywords
  • SERP (search engine result page)
  • operating system / language / browser
  • pages viewed (chronologically and per user session)
  • complete user agent
  • name of user logged in
  • name of comment’s author
  • spam and hack attempts

Wassup has a nice admin console with flexible view filters and options:

  • records by time period
  • record count per page
  • records by entry type (spider, users logged in, comment authors, search engine, referrer)
  • search by keyword
  • expand/collapse informations (with ajax support)
  • show/hide chart (Google!chart)
  • top ten charts with aggregate data (top queries, requests, os, browsers)

There are many options to customize how WassUp tracks and displays data:

  • Screen refresh minutes
  • Screen resolution (browser width)
  • User permission levels
  • Enable/Disable recording (tracking)
  • Record or not users logged in
  • Record or not spiders and bots
  • Record or not exploit attempts
  • Record or not comment spammers
  • Record or not referrer spammers
  • IPs to exclude from recording
  • Domains to exclude from referrers
  • Email alert for table growth
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